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They also share equal amounts of fanservice and it's possible for any of them to win Souta over. Sekirei is very cleverly balanced, cause Minato has specifically stated that he likes all his girls equally, and wants to return ALL their feelings. The series would likely just end due to the absurd power level that Touma's would have.

However, she once said they are "surburban people living in quiet towns". Big Damn Hero has two harems that sort of Invoke this: He seems quiet and apathetic but cares about the safety and success of the crew more than anyone.

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei includes a dozen students with feelings for Nozomu, but as the series progressed only three- Komori, Matoi, and Chiri - remained consistantly amorous toward him.

The characters are really well written, and I ended up playing the game multiple times to see what each path had to offer.

He Pacthesis sim the player character into a date by gambling his own soul in a card game. Oreshura is shaping up to be this. I also love the chibi look used for most of the game. Her middle name was named after a French wartime territory in Vietnam. His home planet has advanced technology that caused conflict among many countries.

Also very bad at drawing. Then you sleep alone. Wonderland days sim, shall we have over of free anime, or information about the conversation around these saucy simulators! Ry's star sign is Scorpio and is represented by the constellation Orion. She had a hiatus from making games and art on deaviantART.

Yes, some parts use the traditional style, but it mostly looks like this: It definitely expands on the originals. He then learns that Otaru actually has this trope and is not happy, accusing Otaru of leading all 3 girls on just to spare his own feelings.

A secondary one-sided relationship is also brought in. It's not that he doesn't care about what happens to them, it's just that he has not shown any romantic affection of sorts for them Her parents speaks Vietnamese around the house at times. In fact, there are multiple sequels.

For the first time, the stories are intertwined. There is proper shading, and everything looks more professional. In the manga, only one of the girls even realizes that she likes the guy at first, the second is given less screentime after her inital appearance and a few chapters and the others are unsure or unwilling to pursue him and fall into the story quite a bit later.

Until the ending, that is. Umi no Misaki has a male lead who genuinely cares for all the girls in his harem and takes all three of them out on dates, occasionally at the same time. Hello and make you will play dating simulators!

Finally, the art is much improved. Unfortunately, Pacthesis is currently on hiatus. Number Days Promo Poster. In this part, I will talk about her sim dates: For the most of hot hentai action, and to the rabbit, days sim date!

Fish, Honey, Apple, Finger Piano Pavervill Irester Edit Parvervill is an 18 year-old from Venus with blond hair, heterochromia iridium [A blue and a green eye], and a beauty mark at the bottom corner of his right An honest and hard worker but has never been exposed to anything outside his small fishing town.

Talented at sewing, freaks out at random small occurrences. Video Games Memory Daysan Animesque Dating Sim on deviantArt, has the protagonist, Ai, and three potential love interests Haru, Daichi, and Kai that she has equal amounts of cut-scenes, interaction, and chemistry with.

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This game is perfect for a new player. He's the type that goes out of his way for others, but can be too compassionate for his own good After that, he is introduced to Yorukathe servant he never knew he had.

I love these games. She joins The Constellations Crew to see if she can bring him back to life.Pacthesis. 3, likes · 1 talking about this. Hello people! Let's spread Pacthesis/Amy's awesomeness!:D (NOTE: this is a fanpage.

Amy does not own it. About Other / Hobbyist Amy24/Female/United States Groups Pacthesis-Fab-Fans Drink coffee, bro. Recent Activity. Deviant for 10 Years. Needs Core Membership. Thanks for the support and feedback on Star Days Sim Date!

I'm happy a lot of you are enjoying it! Pacthesis Games is the official home to the Days Sim Date series. Inspired by Japanese anime, visual novels and otome games. Memory Days, an Animesque Dating Sim on deviantArt, has the protagonist, Ai, and three potential love interests (Haru, Daichi, and Kai) that she has equal amounts of cut-scenes, interaction, and chemistry with.

The same also goes for the other Dating Sims the creator, Pacthesis, has made (Kingdom Days, Chrono Days, Wonderland Days, Lunar Days, Number Days, etc.), though not always with just. Tagged: star days sim date, dating sim, toilet hand, sorry this doesn't happen, yeah i know i'd like to date him too.

Most of my stuff is on my deviantART page @ Pacthesis. My blog All of Tumblr. Follow on Tumblr. Following. RSS feed. Random.

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Pacthesis as she described herself on DeviantArt. Edit Pacthesis Edit. Pacthesis (also known as the psudonyms Pacdabutt, Kami, or God, as referenced in Xolga and's also known by creating Sim Dates and Flash Games. Main pages of work: Tumblr, DeviantART Facebook Fanpage: Hosted by LaMae and other Pacthesis fans Summary Edit.

Her real name is Amy Lang Luong.

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